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Lift-O-Squeeze Material Handling Unit

The 12134 Lift-O-Squeeze is designed for the Lift-O-Flex series of Ergonomic lifters. This device makes use of standard components to create a product that does it all when it comes to lifting rolls, drums, cartons and barrels weighing up to 170 pounds. The Lift-O-Squeeze adapts to different load sizes and is easy to configure. It will also never damage the products that it works with due to its gentle and controllable force throughout the entire operating process.

The unit’s controls are located on the lift mast and labelled as: squeeze, release, and indicator light. The squeeze push button stops movement based on a pressure that is pre-set at the factory. The indicator light flashes when the current limit is reached during operation. 

The Lift-O-Flex Advantage

Our lifters are powered by rechargeable batteries and require minimum maintenance. Loading platforms, forks, Squeeze-O-Turn™ (our clamping tool that grips from the outside while lifting and turning), and our mechanical or pneumatic EXPAND-O-TURN® (for handling rolls via their core) are among our regular tools. We also produce a large number of customer-specific tools.

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