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At R&D we recognize the challenges that you face in the Pharmaceutical and Hospital Industry and offer a comprehensive range of products and services designed to ensure ergonomic safety within your facility.

Having worked closely with a number of hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies throughout the years we have designed, supplied, and installed systems such as:

  • Cranes (Overhead/Bridge, Workstation, Wall Mounted, Portable)
  • Lift Assist Devices
  • Complete Material Handling Systems
  • Transfer Systems
  • Ground Level Material Handling Systems (Carts, Tuggers)
  • Custom Material Handling Equipment

Outfitted as needed, our material handling equipment can be configured to perform your specific tasks, offering you adaptability to safely handle changing environments in pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing applications.

Additionally, at R&D we take pride in not only proving and installing our systems but ensuring your staff is properly trained and educated on the solution. This includes detailed instructions, general knowledge based sessions and a complete tutorial on the day to day use of our systems.

What we consider "Pharmaceutical Grade"?

When we design our systems we keep in mind the term "Pharmaceutical Grade". This term is a staple in the production and supply of end products to customers and is a concept we keep in mind while designing our systems. Pharmaceutical Grade is a standard suitable for the supply and use of medicine. Its principles ensure stringent compliance with quality, purity and safety within the industry. We too subscribe to that principle when we design systems for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. Our systems/products are designed with your industry in mind. We take into account the nature of the business and ensure our designs will not contaminate any of the products; are easy to clean, are durable and reliable, are safe and practical, and will aid in ensuring improved ergonomics while increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Some of our Recommend Solutions Include:

19000/19500 Ergonomic Roll Handling

Lift-O-Flex Ergonomic Lifter

This ergonomic lifter offers dynamic load handling characteristics for heavy load capacities. The 19500 provides a lift capacity of 500 pounds and the 19000 provides a lift capacity for 350 pounds. R&D will better fit your ergonomic lifting requirements with the promise of expanded flexibility in equipment selection.

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19500S Series Lift-O-Flex

With dynamic load handling characteristics designed for heavy loads, this barrel lifter will provide you with the flexibility you need in order to fulfill your material handling lifting needs.

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12120 Series Squeeze-O-Turn

The Squeeze-0-Turn Series provides load handling assistance for lifting and rotating Barrels and Drums. Barrel and Drum Handling is able to be accomplished with a gentle, controllable force which ensures the product(s) remain in place during lifting, rotation and transportation.

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Explosion Proof Drum Lifter

19000 EEX D Explosion Proof Lifter

The 19000 EEX D Series Explosion Proof Lifter combines the flexibility to meet the demands of explosion proof material handling with an ergonomic lifter that allows you to lift, move and pour drums safely.

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Anti-Telescopic Attachment for Roll Handling

12108 Series Ant-Telescopic Attachment

The Anti-Telescopic Attachment is manually operated and is used to stabilize the rolls before they are rotated for placement onto spindles. This attachment’s function is to stabilize the outer wraps on the rolls that tend to the telescope. This attachment helps to eliminate the unsafe conditions which commonly occur during the roll handling process without damaging the rolls.

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IP65 Rated CartMover

1965 Rated CartMover

Constructed from Stainless Steel this unit is designed to perform in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. With capacities ranging from 100lbs. to 20,000lbs., this product ensured proper ergonomic material handling in your facility.

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