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Manufacturing & Automotive

Manufacturing and Automotive Material handling solutions

Having worked with all of the major North American and International Automotive Manufactures, we are familiar with the ergonomic challenges that factories worldwide are facing. Maintaining a safe and productive workforce is at the forefront of our designs. We take a collaborative approach to designing, manufacturing and installing reliable and proven systems.

WSIB statistics indicate that although steadily declining, the volume of injuries in the Manufacturing and Automotive are still alarmingly high. According to a recent WSIB Annual Report, the Manufacturing and Automotive Industries routinely ranked two and three in workplace injuries over the course of the past ten years. The WSIB report, which can be found here, sheds light into a growing concern for productivity and deadlines over safety. The fact is in most cases the cost of lost time due to injury, absenteeism, insurance rates and turnover as a result of heavy, repetitive or excessive job functions, far outweighs the cost of an ergonomic solution.

In general, the expenses incurred from injuries, absenteeism, insurance premiums, and high staff turnover resulting from physically demanding or repetitive tasks exceed the cost of implementing ergonomic solutions. Our experience working with major corporations like Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, and Ford has shown us that incorporating our ergonomic products can not only boost your productivity but also significantly reduce the incidence of workplace injuries.

Some of our Recommend Solutions Include:

img RD ERGO End of Arm Tooling v2

End of Arm Tooling

End Effectors also called End-Of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT), are devices that are able to complete a wide variety of tasks, and are attached to the end of an overhead lifting system.

img RD ERGO Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

R&D Ergo Ltd. specializes in lifting equipment and all of our Jib Cranes are designed in order to safely and efficiently move materials under 500 lbs.

img RD ERGO Miscellaneous Solutions

Custom Solutions

Are you in search of specialized material handling equipment that is tailored to your unique requirements? There’s no need to fret – we excel in creating creative, custom solutions to fulfil your needs.

img RD ERGO Portable Jib Cranes

Portable Jib Cranes

Portable Jib Cranes provide a unique design and unmatched versatility, which allows for easy transportation with a fork truck.


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