R&D Ergo provided and successfully installed a custom built floor mounted jib crane for a high tech customer in Mississagua.

The customer was very impressed with how well in the install went and were very pleased with how well the system works. 

High Tech Customer in Mississauga

We supplied one of our customers with two custom designed lift assists and two custom-built jib cranes in order to solve an in-process material handling problem.

After the equipment was installed our Material Handling Specialist checked in with them several months later and they had this to say "The lifting equipment has been working great. It took a little getting used to at the start but everyone seems to be picking up on it very quickly. We really like the MOBI-cranes. We have had other facilities asking about them as well."

Industrial Power Company‎

R&D Ergo provided an ergonomic lifting device to assist with lifting/tilting drums at the facility.

The R&D Ergo Team provided excellent customer service with every step of the way. We were able to visit their facility in Ayr and test the functionality of the device.

The R&D Ergo Team delivered the equipment on time and were always available to provide support and answer any questions.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company‎

We recently installed a Rotacaster Conveyor Transfer Table at our Guelph, Ontario plant to assist in the movement of our products. Our staff have reported a drastic decrease in the effort required to move our products and they now move down the line faster! We will be looking to install more of the Rotacaster products throughout our other locations!

Beverage Manufacturer

The ergonomic solutions R&D has provided us over the years have been an integral part of ensuring our employees are safe. From design to install, working with the R&D team has been easy and made a significant impact on the way we do business.

Car Manufacturing

We contacted R&D ERGO LTD. with a request that required a custom ergonomic solution within a tight budget. As a major auto manufacturer, we required a proven and reliable solution that was engineered for our specific products.

The R&D team met with us and offered a variety of viable and cost-effective solutions. The service we received and the custom ergonomic solution they provided us far exceeded our expectations.

We would strongly recommend using R&D ERGO LTD., for any custom ergonomic solution.

International Automotive Manufacturer