RoofGuard X-Press Guardrail

Quick and easy installation this rooftop guardrail system was designed with the ability to be easy to install, but still able to eliminate the potential hazard of falling off of a rooftop. Lightweight, adaptable, non-penetrating this rooftop guardrail system was created with all of these things in mind, but it still has many of the same excellent features that our RoofGuard Classic Model has.

Simplicity is one of the number one things which was kept in mind when as we designed RoofGuard X-Press, this rooftop guardrail system has the ability to quickly and easily installed onto most roof-tops. It has a modular design which allows for its easy installation without requiring any sort of penetration to your rooftop structure.

With our unique and innovative baseplates which are lightweight, stable on all roof surfaces, but are also stackable this allows for them to be installed with minimal effort. Just like with our all of our RoofGuard products, RoofGuard X-Press uses a counterweight system, which involves no cutting into the existing rooftop surface, this means that the railing has no direct or permanent attachment to your roof, meaning no holes, which means there is no re-sealing which means you will have no leaks!

Designed with versatility in mind RoofGuard X-Press has the minimal number of pieces possible which simplifies set up and the movement of the system. Our professional engineers can visit your facility in order to ensure the proper design of the system around hazardous areas, in many cases, this system can also be moved to cover different areas if work is periodic.

RoofGuard has been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSIOSHAOHSA & WorkSafeBC.

Technical Specifications 

RooGuard X-Press - Durable Steel Construction
- 1.9" OD Handrail Pipe
- Minimal tools required for assembly
- Custom colours available to match the existing structure
- Extra heights are available for moderately elevated work near an edge.
- Self-weighted bases are portable and allow simple, non-penetrating installation to the rooftop.
- Fixed base sockets are also available for bolt-on applications
- Typical railing spans are 4', 6', 8' and 10'

RoofGuard X-Press Features and Benefits:

 Questionnaire Checklist Permanent Skylight Guardrail Solution Designed to Fit Any Skylight System
Like all of our rooftop guardrail systems, RoofGuard X-Press is free standing and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. This innovative rooftop guardrail system is designed in order to be lightweight, but durable and is a portable/movable system, making it perfect for both temporary and permanent applications. Designed with safety yellow leading edge guardrail, these rooftop guardrail systems also act as a secondary warning sign of where the leading edge is located.
Able to be Quickly Assembled Safe and Reliable Prevent Rooftop Accidents from Occurring
These rooftop fall protection systems are designed in order to be able to quickly and easily be assembled. These fall prevention systems create a protective boundary around the hazard without causing any damage to the roof or roof membrane. This rooftop guardrail system gives you the opportunity to design your own rooftop guardrail layout, allowing you to have the flexibility and freedom the work around any obstructions located on your rooftop.

RoofGuard X-Press Rail Options: 

RoofGuard X-Press Rails RoofGuard X-Press Rail is a rooftop guardrail system is sold by the rail length, allowing for you to decided just how much leading edge rail lengths and returns/tie-backs your require for your particular application, ensuring that you only purchase the amount that you need.

It is important to remember that in order to properly be able to build your system you need to have the required number of rail pieces in addition to the required accessories (baseplates and rubber pads). You also need to purchase the correct quantities of yellow 8-foot rail, grey 6-foot rail. So, before you place your order, ensure you are aware of the amount of linear coverage you wish to cover how much of each item you require.

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