RoofGuard Restraint Anchor

The RoofGuard Restraint Anchor is designed specifically for individuals doing work near the roof edge. This portable fall protection system allows users the flexibility to place anchor points exactly where they need them. Users are able to attach their lanyards to the RoofGuard Restraint Anchor which allows for them to work safely near the roof edge.

Utilizing the same counter-weighted technology as the Rooftop Guardrail System, we utilize our stackable 40lb baseplates to create a temporary restraint anchor that meets the minimum 2kN requirement. This system requires no rooftop penetration and can be set up quickly in areas that require workers to remain a safe distance from the roof edge. Using stackable base plates, the RoofGuard Restraint Anchor can easily be taken apart in order to finish the installation of a RoofGuard System once the leading edge is protected.

The RoofGuard Restraint Anchor can be used on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 5 degrees, is portable when needed, and comes ready to ship in one singular crate.

Rooftop Restraint Anchor Features and Benefits:

Questionnaire Checklist Prevent Falls Permanent Skylight Guardrail Solution
Don't let safety take a back seat, this restraint anchor you can ensure the safety of your contractors and employees when they work near the roof's edge. Ensure the safety of both your employees and contractors with this rooftop restraint anchor which will ensure that workers and contractors don't get to close to the edge of the roof. Designed in order to be a permanent solution this restraint anchor system is also fully modular, and can be taken down, moved and reconstruct as needed.
Safe and Reliable Designed to Fit Any Skylight System Questionnaire Checklist
These fall prevention systems prevent employees and contractors from getting to close to the roof edge without causing any damage to the roof or roof membrane. This dead-weight anchor system is designed in order to be used on most rooftops. This restraint anchor system can be used in order to assemble a rooftop guardrail system once you no longer require it.

Rooftop Restraint Anchor Specifications:

Rooftop Restraint Anchor - Singular tool supplied for assembly
- Complete installation manual and layout drawings
- 12 counter-weighted base plates
- 2 rubber mats to protect rooftop membrane
- 2 pre-assembled vertical posts
- Horizontal attachment bracket with an anchor point
- Set Screws
- All parts and materials are supplied in a singular crate

This system meets Ontario OHS regulation 213 26.7(2).5 for Restraint Anchors (2kN) while eliminating the need for permanent solutions, which require drilling holes into the roof membrane. No holes mean no leaks or resealing worries in the future!

RoofGuard Restraint Anchor Kit Options:

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