RoofGuard Classic

These rooftop guardrail systems come in three distinct kits, the HGC-KIT-09, HGC-KIT-19 and the HGC-KIT-27. The HGC-KIT-09 is a 9-foot rooftop guardrail system which is perfect for frequently travelled areas that require routine maintenance. The HGC-KIT-18 rooftop guardrail kit is designed in order to give you the versatility to set up the system in a variety of configurations in order to optimize worker safety. Finally, the HGC-KIT-27 rooftop guardrail system gives optimal length in order to set up your system.

Utilizing a unique counter-weighted system, this system requires no cutting into the existing rooftop surface, meaning RoofGuard’s safety guard railings have no direct or permanent attachments to your rooftop. By having a physical attachment to your rooftop this means that this rooftop guardrail system requires no re-sealing, which will ensure that you have no unexpected leaks because you chose to be safe when working at heights.

The baseplates this rooftop fall protection system uses are lightweight, stable on all roof surfaces, but are also stackable which allows for them to be installed with minimal effort.

Our RoofGuard Classic system is extremely versatile. RoofGuard can be reconfigured during installation in order to allow for it to work in almost any situation. Our Professional Engineers can visit your facility to ensure that you have a proper design for your rooftop around any hazardous areas. In many cases, this system can also be moved in order to cover different areas if work is periodic.


Rooftop Guardrail Features and Benefits:

Regulations Single Tool for Assembly Prevent Falls
These rooftop guardrail systems have been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOLANSIOSHAOHSA & WorkSafeBC. These rooftop guardrail systems are designed to be installed easily and use a single tool for assembly and require no penetration of the roof membrane. Prevent employees and contractors from falling when working on your rooftop by providing a fall protection guardrail system.
No Rooftop Penetration Required Designed to Fit Any Skylight System Quick Assembly Rooftop Guardrail
These rooftop guardrail systems have a maintenance free finish, are free-standing and are designed in order to be portable systems. These rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to be able to be used on most rooftops. These rooftop guardrail systems can be quickly and easily assembled and can be used as a permanent solution or a temporary one.

Technical Specifications 

RoofGuard Classic - Corrosion resistant aluminum tubing
- 1.5” Schedule 40 handrail tube
- Aluminum or Galvanized fittings to resist corrosion
- Minimal tools required for assembly
- Custom colours available to match the existing structure
- RoofGuard Classic can be custom fit around obstructions
- Fittings can accommodate sloped roof sections up to 5% grade
- Extra heights available for moderately elevated work near an edge
- Clamps are available to add-on to the existing railing where it is not high enough or needs to be cut for access
- Self-weighted bases are portable and allow simple, non-penetrating installation to the rooftop.
- Fixed base sockets are also available for bolt-on applications

RoofGuard Classic Options: 

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