Vacuum Lifting

From heavy box handling to delicate glass maneuvering, ergonomic vacuum tube lifters service many needs. Our vacuum lifting systems can be tailored for the speed, precision or on power conservation that suits your needs. Each unit can perform different applications, using different attachments and power options. Below are some of past vacuum lifting projects.

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Vacuum End Effector

This car manufacturing company needed an end effector system which would be able to quickly and efficiently move car doors into place.

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Custom Box Handling Solution

One of our amazing customers needed a solution to pick and place different sized cartons, pick pallets and slip sheets with the same tool.

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Vacuum Tube Lifter For Lifting Wood And MDF Sheets

This carpentry company needed a way too quickly, effectively and safety move sheets of wood throughout their workshop, without causing any damage to the wood itself.

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Vacuum End Effector for Warehouse

This warehouse needed a way to lift a variety of different items up, without damaging them.

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