End Effectors

With over 25 years of End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) experience we can design, engineer, build, install, and service custom systems designed with your specific application in mind. We combine innovation with experience in order to create an infinite variety of end effectors based on what you need for them to accomplish. Below are some of our past end effector projects.

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Custom end effector

Custom Lift Assist

R&D Ergo designed and built this custom lift assist for a local major automotive manufacturer.

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gripper end effector

Manual Lifting Attachment

R&D Ergo designed this Gripper End of Arm Tooling device for a customer in the automotive manufacturing industry located in Mexico.

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Gripper End Effector to Build Water Pumps

This company assembles CAT water pumps for CAT themselves. They required a gripper end effector in order to make production more efficient.

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Gripper End of Arm Tooling

This customer wanted an end of arm tooling device that would be able to lift long narrow irregular objects, but would also enable them to twist, turn and rotate the object into place.

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Vacuum End Effector

This car manufacturing company needed an end effector system which would be able to quickly and efficiently move car doors into place.

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Clamp Cart Door End Effector

This manufacturing plant required an end effector which would help them move parts such as the portable cart door.

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Clamp End Effector

This factory needed to find a way to lift delicate, but heavy parts around which is why the decision to purchase a clamp end effector system.

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