Heavy Duty Modular Steel Pallets

Pallets are used throughout your warehouse or manufacturing space. Often times they are heavy, dirty, and many times have broken or missing parts. Wood pallet problems can be completely eliminated with modular steel pallets.

These pallets are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle in addition to being heat and moisture resistant. Galvanized steel pallets are also strong than plastic or fibre pallets making them an ideal alternative to wooden pallets.

Technical Specifications:

Attachment Dimensions Movement Weight
2-Sided Access for Handling equipment or Pallet Trucks
Standard or custom sizes up to 60' x 60'
Handling Equipment or Pallet Trucks
Weight Capacity.
10,000 lbs
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
Storage and movement of products
Safety Features
Galvanized finish for easy cleaning & rust protection. Lightweight and easy to handle. Heat and moisture resistant.
Number of Users. 
1 User

With its unique design, this galvanized steel pallet makes storing or moving products easy. So contact us today in order to get a start on perfecting your material handling process.

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