HatchGuard is a free-standing rooftop fall protection system, which is a non-penetrating. This rooftop guardrail system is designed to prevent workers from falling into open roof hatches.

This unique roof hatch guardrail system requires no roof membrane penetration, which means no issues with resealing. Our counterweighted system not only meets but also exceeds industry regulations and has been rigorously tested. With a spring-loaded gate system, ensuring the gate is always in a secure position after roof entry. This system takes only minutes to set up and provides an immediate solution to a serious concern during regular roof access.

These systems come engineered in a single crate; most parts are pre-assembled with easy to follow instructions and a single tool for installation. This free-standing, modular system is constructed with corrosion resistant lightweight aluminum tubing and utilizes counter weighted baseplates. It requires no rooftop penetration, which will help to make sure that your roof will remain intact; so you will not have to worry about any unexpected leaks occurring from using this system.

Our unique, low-profile, stackable baseplates are designed in order to weigh only 40 lbs and are engineered with a carry handle which allows for an easy, ergonomically friendly transportation and installation.

Rooftop Guardrail Features and Benefits:

Prevent Falls Single Tool for Assembly Regulations
These roof hatch guardrail systems have a self-closing safety gate on these roof hatch guardrail systems is designed in order to prevent employees and contractors from falling into your roof hatch. These rooftop guardrail systems are designed to be installed easily and use a single tool for assembly and require no penetration of the roof membrane. These rooftop guardrail systems have been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOLANSIOSHA, OHSA & WorkSafeBC.
No Rooftop Penetration Required Designed to Fit Any Skylight System Quick Assembly Rooftop Guardrail
Don't let safety take a back seat, these roof hatch guardrail systems can be integrated with virtually all roof openings. These rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to be used on most roof openings and are a non-penetrating guardrail system. These fall prevention systems create a protective boundary around the hazard without causing any damage to the roof or roof membrane.

Technical Specifications: 

HatchGuard - Corrosion resistant aluminum tubing
- 1.5” Schedule 40 handrail tube
- Aluminum or Galvanized fittings to resist corrosion
- Minimal tools required for assembly
- Custom colours available to match the existing structure
- RoofGuard Classic can be custom fit around obstructions
- Fittings can accommodate sloped roof sections up to 5% grade
- Extra heights available for moderately elevated work near an edge
- Clamps are available to add-on to the existing railing where it is not high enough or needs to be cut for access
- Self-weighted bases are portable and allow simple, non-penetrating installation to the rooftop.
- Fixed base sockets are also available for bolt-on applications

HatchGuard Options: 

HG-KIT-08 Roof Hatch Guardrail HatchGuard is a roof hatch guardrail system which comes in a kit format, designed in order to fit most rooftop hatch openings. With 4ft by 4ft of aluminum handrail tube and a 4ft self-closing gate, you will be able to keep both employees and contractors safe when they enter and exit your rooftop.

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