10 Reasons You Could Benefit from A Cart Mover

Cart Movers are designed in order to easily move heavy loads throughout your facility. These material handling units are perfect for ensuring worker safety and increasing productivity when pushing or pulling heavy equipment. They are convenient and portable, with no electric cords or pneumatic hoses to trip over.

The Mechline Pro Crane, Ready for Use!

We have already sold the newly released portable Mechline Pro Crane by Movomech! The customer is a major southern Ontario food-manufacturer and is looking forward to optimizing their plant with this new addition. 

The customer plans on using this new system to lift cartons of product from a feeder conveyor, palletizing the product onto a shipper pallet through the vacuum lift function.

R&D Ergo Upcoming Events

Below is the list of trade shows we will be attending and the dates that they are running and would love to see you there.

CNESST 2017- Le Grand Rendez-Vous
November 15th to November 16th, 2017 in Montreal                                    Event Details >

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Website Updates

We are constantly working to improve our website and the information we have available to you, which is why we recently made several large additions to our ergonomic material handling webpages. We have over forty different drum and barrel handling solutions available, but previously only had a handful on display for you to learn about.

The Benefits of Implementing an Ergonomic Solution

Ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design in the workplace that will maximize productivity and reduce operator fatigue and discomfort. There are endless benefits to implementing an ergonomic solution at your facility. The top five benefits for implementing a strong workplace ergonomic process include: reducing costs, improved productivity, improved quality, improved employee engagement, and improved safety culture.