Lift’n Buddy Pail Partner

The routine handling of 5-gallon pails can cause back strain, fatigue and other musculoskeletal disorders. The Lift’n Buddy Pail Partner is a device that has been specifically designed in order to eliminate these problems. This pail lifting device has a counterbalanced 4-wheel design which makes it easy to move and lift pails from and to pallets, tinters, shakers, customer vehicles and countertops without interference of straddle legs.

This pail handling device is compact in size, making it the ideal solution for narrow retail aisles and crowded warehouses. It is as easy to use as any mobile cart or hand truck but provides an added convenience of powered lifting. With the addition of the Pail Partner you will see a decreases the amount of physical strain on your employees, but also an increase in overall productivity, especially when used in order to load vehicles.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions Designed to Access Movement Weight
19”W x 55”T x 38”D
Drum Handling.
This unit is able to lift pails within 12 seconds, with under pail clearance of 35"
This unit comes with 10-inch flat free/dual swivel tires, 12V 10 Amp lead-acid battery and a 110V on-board charger
Weight Capacity.
200 lbs capacity
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
Lifting and moving drums weighing up to 200 lbs
Push Buttons
Safety Features
Built-in safety feature controls prevent accidental release of the drum
Number of Users. 
1 User

Video of Drum Handling Unit in Action:

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